These window images were made with Paint Shop Pro 7 and the Kaleidoscope feature. I either used preset shapes or letters from fonts and filled them with color. Then played with the the kaleidoscope to create the images. I used bladepro for leading and glassing.

window bar

fall colors window

This window is the one that started my addiction to creating these windows. I was attempting to create an image for a challenge on the Eclectic Guild Forum which included fall colors. There are actually two kaleidoscope images in the image, the pewter leading is the first kaleidoscope and the orange glass is a second kaleidoscope. I added a light sky blue to lite green grass linear fill and some autumn trees tubes to the background and glassed them.
window bar

Green glassed bronze window

This design was from a christmas font, the leading is bronze and the green glass is the cracked emerald pattern with mosaic antique effect applied to it.

window bar
coppery glass leading with mosaic antique green glass

The leading on this window is coppery glass. Background is a gradient fill and the glass is cracked emerald pattern with mosaic antique effect applied to it.
window bar

green and yellow window

The rounded holes have a pewter preset applied to them. The outer leading is the leading preset applied to a soft pewter blue color. The background is a gradient fill. I then selected various areas of the fill and applied different presets to the areas.

window bar

green and red windowd

The leading on this window is called cracked red. The star and small areas are gold shiny preset. The entire background is a light to dark green radial fill. I used a lighting effect to get the starburst effect to the green fill. Then selected the outer areas and applied antique mosaic glass effect to that section only.

window bar

yellow and orange center with blue glass in gold lead

The yellow and orange glass area is a kaleidoscope of a designer font. The area around the glass was selected and a narrow gold fill was added to another layer and the gold shiny preset was applied to it. The blue glass is a radient fill with the antique mosaic glass applied.

window bar

yellow and more yellow window
The leading here is gold shiny applied to a very bright yellow fill. The areas within were selected and filled with different colors and where then glassed with bladepro.
window bar

red santa face window

The leaded area of this window was created from a santa face with beard font, which was kaleidoscoped. The center is only the face portion of the kaleidoscope, and four rotated copies of the image where added around the face. Background is a spectrum glass fill which was twirled and blurred before the antique mosaic effect was applied.

window bar

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