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  January 27,2009 - Testing a new log cabin object for my friend Sue88. It is a fantastic cabin and I just had to do an image to illustrate how great it is. Bravo Sue!...

  January 25,2009 - creating some textures for this cute little dress and decided to make an image to show how beautiful Sadie can be.

  January 17,2009 - Testing some new grasses for Vue and came up with this image. Love the new grass and flowers.

  January 10,2009 - playing with new item for Vue. Ecograsses by Gill. Had to do something quiet and serene.

  January 6, 2009 - Posting now because this was an entry in a Christmas Contest and I could not post it until voting was completed. Didn't win but enjoyed entering.

Painted Lighthouse    January 3, 2009 - Used Gloria Graphics Painted Lighthouse tutoral. I then applied some scripts to the various layers of the image. I am falling in love with PSP 9!

January 2, 2009 - These two I found when looking for something else, created in late 2009...

Created 1/1/09 using a Falling Snow Tutorial.

My US Airways friend Elena wanted me to do a winter picture.

I hope she likes it.

Image created on January 1st using Lady Oz's Aida Tutorial.

I added a frame after I finished her tutorial.

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