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  April 2009 - Been busy doing more textures for clothing and did the textures on this outfit that my friend Irene (Irishmiss) created. She is my new partner and we hope to make many more outfits together.

  April 2009 - Created some textures for the adorable dress these little girls are wearing and decided to put them in the park enjoying an ice cream cone.

  March 9,2009 - Shoreline at dawn. Created in Vue using some of Gills grasses and waters and one of her real Sky atmospheres. The serenity of early morning as the fishing boats start out to sea.

   February 22,2009 - Testing a new hair product and loved the realistic white hair. So I created another image as a tribute to my Mom. This one is called "Twilight brings the wonder" because twilight is the time when many alzeheimer's patients have more difficult time remembering.

  February 20, 2009 - Testing another costume for the pygmy character. A cowsuit... and created another image with the cow and superhero having some fun. Remember when your biggest fear was being caught jumping on the bed!

   February 16, 2009 - Testing a new character and skin for my beautiful Vickie 4. This one really changed her a great deal. She reminded me of my Mom, spilled a tear or two because I miss her so. She, and now I, often say this little question.

  February 15,2009, Testing out this outfit for yet another character. He so reminded me of my Nephew Barry when he was young. I could just see him playing like this if he had an outfit like this.

  February 11, 2009 - More fun with this test. Love the little Nana doll and being able to change her into a little lad is nice too. The two characters are wearing items from the same clothing collection. His shirt is actually the dress without the bottom ruffle section. Hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day. Wishing you all sweetness and joy

  February 7, 2009 - Testing this Military Utility Vehicle and after all the work I decided I just had to do an image with it. Not my usual type of image but it was great to test this out.

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