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Time for Springtime planting.

The birds are signing and the sun is shining so it is time for Vickie to get the garden in shape for all those summer events.

Outfit is by Irene with textures by me...

See my store for links to the outfit.

Another product that Irene and I have created.

Cookie just loves this outfit and so do her pals.

What a summer of fun she is going to have with this outfit

Vickie adds the final touch of perfume

Tested the dress and just had to create some textures for it.

I made 12 different colors for the dress

My texture pack is available in my store.

Alexa walks the Beach.

Working with my best internet friend Irene we have created this great outfit.

She makes the clothes (to me the hard part) and I do the textures (what she feels is the hard part).

So we make a great pair.

Testing new product (3DCee robot) and just had to do an image with him!

Playing with Cookie in her new outfit.

I was testing the textures for this outfit and just had to do an image or two with her.

I love Cookie!

Alexa is making a final check of her look in this great jacket dress.

Another dress created by my friend Mary.

I created some textures for this dress that are available in my store.

Another pretty dress for Alexa.

This dress comes with the original character package.

I created some additional textures for the dress with a lace midrift to take the daytime sundress into those special summer nights.

Here comes Sadie...

Playing with textures for this adorable dress that my Irish friend Mary created.

I created some textures for this dress that are available in my store.

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