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He came from Blue Land and she came from Gold Land to meet at the ball.

They dance all night and fell in love.

As midnight approached he professed his love to her.

The following day the prince approaches the King of Gold Land,

asking for permission to marry the princess.

The King wanting to be sure that the Prince is strong, brave and resourceful.

He give the Prince a challenge to complete in order to win the Princess.

The Prince has searched for days and finally finds the cave of the Dragon.

As he enters the dark cave, he sees that the dragon is just leaving to hunt for dinner.

The Prince quietly sneaks into the cave and searches for the gold egg

Having found the golden egg, the Prince returns to the King's Castle.

Is the Princess still waiting for his return?

Will her father be true to his word.

At last the Prince and the Princess are wed.

They will now journey to Blue Land where they will live happily ever after.

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