Maria crys as Cord rides away. Should she have told him about her problem? It is too late now, she can only cry and hope that he returns.

NOTE: These images were created for a challenge on the Eclectic Guild Forum. At the time of the challenge I was reading a wonderful romantic novel The Turquoise Trails, written by Susannah Leigh and published by Onyx, Penquin Books Inc. I am by no means a writer and used her characters in creating the image. The story line wandered a little because my memory is not the greatest... Please excuse these wanderings....

Graphic information and credits for this page:

The two characters where created in poser and imported to Vue. The walls and textures where all created from planes. Columns are from Irene, as is Rachel's vase in second image. Bench is an object I found somewhere (sorry don't know where). Plant with red flowers (was a pain) no materials loaded so I had to go through many many parts and add materials. Stairs are circular ones that I think I found at Rendosity.

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