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Welcome to Glassylady's Store - New Releases

Due to major medical problems with my husband and my being his only caregiver this site will be updated only as I have time.
I still try and create textures when I can squeeze in a few hours.

You can check my stores for new products at the links below:

Teknology3d       Content Paradise

Exquisite Designs       Fantasies Realm

I am hoping that with some new outside help starting next week I will be able to do more creating.
  Please send me an email if you find something missing. Email Pati

Click on image to view larger image. Links to required products are included. Click on click to purchase to go to my store. Prices are not listed because I have sales from time to time.

3D Items





Vickie & Aiko





2D Elements


Alphabet Sets

Scrapbooking items

Four beautiful pastel colors for .
Propschic Autumn Sunshine Fairy K4
Give K4 a pretty fairy outfit with every little girls favorite colors. Includes both Silver and Gold Metals for the Earrings, Necklace and Rings!.

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Five Colors with coordinating print and solid options to mix and match giving K4 a great variety for
3DTubeMagic Outfit Winter Outfit.
Keep K4 warm in a pretty outfit.

Click to purchase

Five pretty textures for
Winter Love for Kids 4
Dress K4 up for that outdoor winter fun.

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Five pretty textures for Includes mats for Dress, Shirt, Socks and Shoes
WhopKnor Cookie Leisure Set.
Dress Cookie in fun colors for all leisure times.

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Two sets of beautiful textures for
SilverElf's Free Cookie Elven Outfit.
Give Cookie some more options for this cute little outfit.

Click to purchase

Five pretty textures for
Esha's Cookie Kiwi Dress and Accessories.
Great way to dress Cookie in a sweet adorable dress for all those parties.

Click to purchase

Twelve pretty mats
Tek3d Rachel Outfit
Give Mavka a pretty look for those summer parties.

Click to purchase

7 floral textures for
Teknology3d Mavka Leotardo
Give Mavka a great look for everyday. Just add a great pair of jeans or a skirt and she will be ready to go about her daily routine in style.

Click to purchase

5 pretty Silk and Lace textures for
Irishmiss Mavka OF Outfit
Give Mavka a great everyday look!

Click to purchase

Eight Jewel tone textures for
Bobby25's Evening Gown

Give Vicky some great looks to wear to big parties!

Click to purchase

A dozen beautiful colored textures for
3D-Age V4 Small Lovely IV Sweater

This versatile sweater can keep V4 warm and cozy on all the winter occasions.

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A set of 12 textures for
V4 Sexy Nightwear II by 3D-Age.

Give V4 something sexy to wear on those special nights.

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