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This site is currently under construction. Have a PSP Brushes Page list it here.
If you want to place a link please send me an email with the url for the link and the page it should go on. You can be listed on as many pages as you desire. I will start a database with the sites and will add categories to the pages as I get more listing. So if you have tubes (or any other item) for specific items (like holidays, animals, etc) include that in the email. Links will be placed as quickly as possible and the only graphics on these will be the titles on each page.

Designs by Magic   Great brushes and lots of other PSP stuff too. Gaile adds brushes quiet often, so be sure and bookmark the page.

Amanda's Custom Brushes   Animals and Holiday brushes

Nikang Creations   Nature, Mythology, borders and animals

Ivy's Graphics   A good selection of different brushes

Click here to buy art prints!
Click here to buy art prints!

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