Pati's Etched Glass Window Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make an etched glass window using PSP7. If you only have PSP6 or PSP5 you can probably adapt the tutorial starting with page two and using the glass.psd in the zip file which has the glass, lighthouse, and sunset images in psd format.

The tutorial is designed for the real beginner to PSP7 and uses many images. The more experience PSP7 user can easily skip through many of the images and complete the tutorial in less than thirty minutes.

This tutorial uses thumbnail images to save load time. If you need to see more detail click on any image to view full size image.

Preparing the glass for etching:

Open a new image, 500 x 500 pixels in size, transparent, 16.6 million colors.

Click on the preset shapes tool on your tool bar.
When the system has completed loading your cache of shapes,
click on the drop down box (arrow next to default or last shape used),
and find the clear rectangular glass button.
I use button #8 which is clear and beveled.

Be sure that the create as vector box is checked.

Move the button if necessary so it is in the center of your image.

Select the center area of your image with your CROP TOOL.

And crop the image.

Your image should look like the one to the left.

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