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Staining with PSP Frames
This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of Paint Shop Pro, and have used the picture frames option in the software. If you have not used the picture frames option Click here for a quick tutorial on using the picture frames option. You will be returned to this page at the end of the tutorial.

Download my stain frames zip. Unzip the file and place the contents in your Paint Shop Pro Frames Folder.

Open a new image with a transparent background and colors set to 16.7 Million. Apply stain3 picture frame to the image (setting to inside the image).

image 1 ping

Your image should look like the one to the left.

Let's begin the fun.

image 2 ping
First select the small squares in the image.

magic wand settings pingBe sure that the sample merged box is checked.

layer pallet imageAnd that the layer1 image is active (check your layers palette).

image 3 ping

Prior to applying any fills to your image,

You MUST do a selection modify expand
I use a setting of one or two
and a modify selection feather
Use the same number of pixels as in your modify expand

This will eliminate those nasty white jaggies around your fill area.

image 4 ping

Turn off the picture frame layer
(click on the eyeglass to the right of the word
in the layers palette until red x appears on top of the glasses.)

You can now see your fill and insure that it goes completely to the edge of your selection.

image 5 ping If you turn the picture frame layer back on you can see that we have no jaggies to worry about.

Note: if your fill left some jaggies, return to previous step but and repeat the modify expand and feather increasing the number of pixels used by 1.

Next Step:
Now select the rectangular areas around the center of the image.

Include the little triangular areas outside the small squares. (see arrows)

image 5 ping

Turn off the picture frame layer.

Modify expand

Modify feather

Flood fill with colbalt water glass.
Be sure to fill the little triangles!..

image 7 ping

Now we will get adventuresome.

Select the alternating rectangles in your image.

Modify expand

Modify feather

image  8 ping

Flood fill with colbalt water glass.

Turn your picture frame layer on and check your results.

You might want to save your image at this point.

Also you should clear your command history and clipboard so PSP does not auto close on you!!
Click edit, clear clipboard, and edit, clear command.
This will clear all the undo steps and your temp file.

image 9 ping

Now we will select the rectangles between the blue ones.

Don't forget the ones just inside the center blue area.

Leave the center 3 rectangles blank for now.

Don't miss those little triangles!!!
(see arrows).

image 10
Turn off the picture frame layer.

Modify expand

Modify feather

Flood fill with cherry red water glass.
Be sure to fill the little triangles!..

image 11 ping

Now for the center 3 rectangles.
This section I leave to your imagination.

For mine I filled the outer two rectangles with the same white water glass as the little squares.

I flood filled the center rectangle with blue and added the cat tube.

You can play on your own.

But first lets finish the frame

image 12

This is my favorite area of staining.

I have learned to leave the leading until last.

This way I can have the leading coordinate with the the image.

Make the picture frame area active and select any area of the frame.

For this image, I felt the black made the image too dark.

I decided to use the standard leading blade pro preset.

image 14 ping

I prefer to turn off layer one so I can see my fills.

First flood fill the area with grey (your leading will look a lot nicer if it applies to grey instead of black.

I used a sunburst radiant fill for this one.

After you fill the lines, do a modify expand (setting of 1) and modify feather (same setting).

I find bladepro works better if you modify expand and modify feather.
Note: If you want to use a gold lead flood fill with gold color, just give your bladepro preset a similar color to apply the preset to.

image 15 pingstain 3 jpeg

Open Blade pro and select the leading preset.

The image to the left shows the bladepro preset results.

The image to the right is the final result..

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts for improving it. Email Me  Page Updated March 18, 2001.

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