Creating Glass Flowers in Paint Shop Pro Using Eye Candy 3.0.
This tutorial was done in PSP7, but if you have PSP6 it can also be used.

You will need an image of a flower to use for this tutorial. I have created several psd files from images and zipped them, click here to select a floral image.

There are four pages to choose from, please remember I do get charged for bandwidth, so find an image for now, bookmark the site and come back later to get more flowers.

NOTE: I use psd files because they can be used by all versions of Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact and Photoshop.

You can just unzip the file and open the image in PSP. If you want to you can export the file as a tube also.

Open the file of your choice and look at it closely. If it is very close to the edge of your image you may want to resize your canvas (Image/Canvas Resize, input an additional 50 pixels to both width and height and check the centering boxes.

The darker leaves in my file were almost black and had no veins or leave looking texture showing.

If you glassed the black leaf without adjusting color it would not show any definite. We need to lighten the color/contrast of the darker leaves.

Select the dark leaves, then go to color brightness/contrast and use the setting below (or adjust to you are happy with your leaf color and texture.

Leave the dark leaves selected, and we will apply glass to them first.

Go to Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 3.0 and Select Glass.

Use the setting on screen capture below.

Be sure to select a nice light green color for the glass on your leaves.

You will see a preview in the preview window.

When you are happy click the check mark and apply glass to your dark leaves.

Now select the lighter green leaves and repeat the eye candy application to them.

You will not need to change any settings in Eye Candy.

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If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to try some more check out my tutorials page.

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Page Updated December 1, 2002.

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