Glassing an Image Tutorial
Tools Required

Paint Shop Pro - Version 6 (version 5 will work except for matting and frame) free 30 day trial download - click here
Blade Pro Plug In  free 30 day trial download available - click here

The only blade pro preset that I used was the stainedglass preset which is included in this bladepro zip. I keep all my glassing presets in one subdirectory within the Bladepro Environments folder. It makes finding them a lot easier.

Also you should have a little knowledge of how to use Paint Shop Pro. We will be using the selection tool and the flood fill tools and picture tubes. A basic knowledge of these tools will made the tutorial much easier for you to complete. I will try and remember to explain the settings on each tool as we come to them. If I forget please feel free to email me and as for further instruction. I can then modify the tutorial and make it easier for others in the future.

Our Project

Birthday Girl Victorian Image My Glassed Birthday Girl Image

Transforming our little Victorian Birthday Girl in the image to the left into the glassed image to the right, complete with mat and frame.

We will use a technique that I call glassing an image.

You will be using the selection tools, crop, floodfill, scissors, and retouch tools.
tools image
So that we may all be using the same terms the image above shows you where on the tools menu each of the tools is and what I call them.

I usually begin by glassing the skin. Select the girls face using the magic wand selection tool. Be careful to just get the face.
bd girl image one
In this image some of the hair got selected due to tolerance setting on the control being too high. When this happens use the undo tool to backup a step.

bd girl two

You may need to change the tolerance setting on the magic wand, in the control box move the setting down to a lower level. If you are only getting a couple of pixels at a time, move the setting up.

You can also use the lasso tool to select the area, setting the controls at point to point you can trace around her face.

Now go to Selection/Modify/Expand and set it to one, click okay. Then do a Selection/Modify/Feather and set it to one, click okay. This is necessary to get a nice finish to the preset.

I will refer to this step as EXPAND/FEATHER during the remainder of this tutorial. You will be using this step a great deal.

bladepro box

Now we go to image/plugins and select blade pro, when the blade pro box opens select the stainedglass preset and after it applies the glass to the preview (it should look similar to this), you select okay. Then wait for blade pro to apply the preset to the image.

bd girl three Now repeat the process and apply the bladepro to skin on her legs and arm. This will get you used to the steps that you will use over and over again in this tutorial.

When the skin is completed your image should look similar to this.

Now you have learned how to glass an area, we will continue to glass all the other areas in the same manner.

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