Glassing Text without plugins


This tutorial uses PSP 7, but should also work with any version of PSP. There are no plugins used in the tutorial.

Note: In the title image above the frame does have blade pro applied to the frame area only.

The only required items are a text that gives you wide letters, I used my favorite Caligula, and my glass globe tube,click here for zip file of the globe I used. If you are using PSP 6 you will need to use this tube file.

Let's get started.
Create a new image 500 x 250 with a black background.

Set your foreground and background colors to white.

Add a new layer and place your text on this layer.

I used a font size of 72 for my text, you can use any size
and even type in 100 which does not show as an option.
Center you text on the layer and leave it selected.

Go to effects, texture, and select emboss.

Your text will darken, but will will correct that next.

To lighten the color,go to colors adjust brightness/contrast

and set the brightness to around 120,

adjust the color until it becomes white, but not to harsh a color.

Leave the text selected.

Go to layers and duplicate twice.

Move to your first duplicated layer

Go to Effects, 3D Effects, and select cutout. Apply a cutout using settings to the right.

Move to your second duplicated layer and apply a cutout to this layer,

change the horizonatal and vertical settings from -1 to +1.

The image to the left shows the results of the two cutouts.

Now adjust the opacity of your text layer to around 50,
use your layer pallet and slide the lever to the left.

Turn off your background layer and with one of the visible layers active,
Go to layers - Merge visible.

Go to Image, Blur soften. This will soften the edges of your letters.

Add a layer between your background

and flood fill it with a solid color (I chose blue - this is just to see how the glass looks on color).

Use your selection tool to select a letter. Click and just the letter will be outlined. Then add globe to the letter. You will need to adjust the size of the tube to suit the size of your letters.

Select each letter, one at a time and apply the globe.

You will need to adjust the size of the globe for different size letters. You want the globe to cover the letter, but want the globe edges to be visible. It may take sometime to figure this out, but if you see a black line on your letters the globe is too small and if you see no change the globe is too big.

Below you will see two sets of letters on backgrounds. The first set is prior to the globe being added and the second set shows letters after globes where added.

The difference is very slight. There is just a slight gloss to the curvier letters.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Email Me  Page Updated June 7, 2003.

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