Leading Tutorial

We will be using the image to the right as the image for our leading project.

I chose this image because it has many small areas which often create problems when your are trying to lead an item. It is the type of black and white clip art that you will find on the web and on graphic CDs.

Proper image preparation will make your actual graphics work a lot easier and the final results will be much better.

The work is a little tedious. Be sure to save your image often, and clear you clipboard and command history often especially if you need to click and undo often.

I start right of by resizing my image. This will show me the detail I need to properly do the leading.

Image/Resize/200 percent

Now save the image as a psp using a different name.

Cleaning Image and Developing Leading Area

There are two different techniques that I use for "cleaning" and developing the leading areas.
Sometimes I use one and sometimes I use the other,
and then again sometimes I use technique a followed by technique b.

Technique A

This technique I found a while back on a tutorial and it is very useful in cleaning up and image and making the lines more crisp and dark.

The first step is to do a gaussian blur of the image.

Image/Blur/Gaussian/setting of 2.0

The image will look very blurry.

DO NOT PANIC it is supposed to be blurry!!!

The second step is to Adjust the colors.

Colors/Adjust/ Highlight-Midtone-Shadow

See the image at the right for the setting to use.
The settings for Midtone and Shadow are NEGATIVE and Highlight is Positive. This is very important!!
Note in version 5 the choices for this are in a different our. If you are using version 5 be sure to check that you put the highlight number in the highlight box, etc.

Your image should now look like the one to the right!

The lines in this image are much darker than in the original image.

Technique B

This technique will involve finding the edges and making the area for the leading.

First Step - is to find the edges of the image.

Image/Edge/Find All

The image will change to one similar to the one on the right. Without the red arrows.

This will be corrected in the next step.

You will notice if you look closely at the image that all the lines now have area around them.

Second Step - is to change the colors of the picture. This is done very easily.

Colors/Negative Image

Your picture should now look like the one on the right.

I bet you think you are done!!! Maybe, but probably not. Now we go to the tedious part, but this is the really important step.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts for improving it. Email Me  Page Updated December 1, 2002.

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