Tutorial for creating lighthouse beam with a flare.

Creating this lighthouse was fun and easy. Just takes a little patience and a filter called Axion Lens Flare. If you want the effects of the water movement you will have to apply the puddler filter to the image also (this is not covered in this tutorial-you can email me for assistance with that filter).

You can get the Flare filter by clicking here.
When you get the the filter factory, click on the link to free filters and then scroll down the list to the Axion Lens Flare32 and Glow32, download the filter and unzip it into your plugins directory.

The animation to the right was created with Paint Shop Pro 6 and Animation Shop.

The images were originally created as psp images and are shown here as jpgs for quicker loading. (The quality of the image is not as great when using the jpg.)

I took this basic lighthouse image and copied it 6 times (using the shift + d key technique to copy it in PSP).

You can copy this image and use it if you want to. No copywrite madness here.

Then I used the freehand (lasso tool) to select an area on each image for the light beam, except one that I saved for the flare.

Move the area on each light (nothing precise here).

Be sure to select the area all the way to the edge of your image or your beam will be choppy looking.

The I flood filled each selected area with a linear gradient of #FFDE5A and #FEF1C6.

Below are my images with the beam drawn in:

frame1 frame2 frame3
frame4 frame6 frame7

Now take the remaining image or another copy of your original image and apply the lens flare filter to the image.
The tool box on this filter is very complicated looking.
I have only played with a few of the boxes that appear on your screen. (I tried to do a screen capture but because it is active when on your screen you can't capture it). For this image move the X setting (upper left hand corner to 60
Move the Y setting to 56

This should move the light right over the top area of the lighthouse where the flare generates from.

Change the Flare setting to 8.5 and click on okay. You can play around with the other settings to see the different effects this filter can create.

I then saved all the images as psps and took them into animation shop to create the animation. Be sure to place the flare image between the two images were the light moves from left to right.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts for improving it. Email Me  Page Updated March 18, 2001.

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