Ready Made Snowglobes

These globes are all available in psd format in the zip files. This format will work in Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact and Photoshop.

All you need to do to make a globe is to add a layer to place your object on. Then add some snow, stars, sparkles, etc.

If you need help with creating a globe in Paint Shop Pro, I have created a Mini tutorial that shows the steps needed to create a globe using these zip files.

If you need help with animating using animation shop you can go through page two of my creating globes with Paint Shop Pro Tutorial.

All images are shown at 50% of actual globe size.
Click on the globe to download the zip file.

gold and brown oval golden yellow oval gold oval globe

chrome penny oval one chrome penny oval 2 copper circle globe copper oval

black marble globe gray and orange circle gold and black circle

gold star globe mohave gold circle purple passion oval green and gold globe

Ready Made globes page 1    Ready Made Globes page 2    Ready Made Holiday Globes

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