Ready Made Snowglobes Mini Tutorial

Download the zip file of your choice from my Ready Made Globes Page. Use winzip or any zip software to unzip the file and then open the image in Paint Shop Pro. globe zip 1

The layer pallet will look like the one shown in the image to the left.

I tried to name the layers in all the globes (but I may have missed a couple-sorry)

globe zip 2

Add a new layer to the image.
In the layer pallet, highlight the background layer
and the click on the little paper looking image (see red arrow) to add a new layer.

globle zip 3

Turn off the glass layer, this will allow you to position the item you add to the globe.

To turn off the glass layer, click on the eyeglass icon to the right of the layer.

A red X will appear over the glasses.

Select an item to add to the globe
(I am using a thanksgiving tube for this tutorial,
but you can add an image, or a dingbat, it is up to you).

globe zip 4

For detailed instructions on adding images click here You may have to resize the item to fit into the space allowed.

You can undo and play with your size settings until the item fits.

You can also position the item by using the mover tool to move it.

globe zip 5
Turn the glass layer back on.

Now you can decide if you just want a stationary globe or an animated globe.

If you are done you can save the image.

If you want to add sparkles to your globe and make an animated globe,

You can duplicate the image, as many time as you want (hit shift and d to duplicate)

globe zip 6

A special trick that I learned in making animations was to select the background area, and then do a selection invert. This will keep you from having sparkles go outside your image and make ugly black marks in your transparent animation.

Add sparkles in varying sizes to different areas on each image.

globe zip 7

Now you need to merge all the layers of your image and save in a PSP format.

If you want a transparent animation use the merge visible selection.
Open animation shop and create your animation.

If you need help with animating using animation shop you can go through page two of my creating globes with Paint Shop Pro Tutorial.

To the left are my finished animation and my thumbnail image.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to try some additional Paint Shop Pro tutorials, check our my Quick PSP Tutorials Links page

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