I just got Paint Shop Pro and Now what do I do?


When Paint shop Pro opens your screen will look similar to the one to the left.

I had moved all my tool bars to the top of the screen, my preference,

and forgot that the original position for the tool pallet is to the left of the working area.

This may look very confusing, but we will take this one step at a time.

Take a deep breathe and move on.

You can leave the overview, tool control pallet and layer pallet open

or you can set them to close while you work.

Just click on the little arrow to change the overview window from open (left image) to close (right image)

Now we need to set PSP up to find all our files, tubes, plugins, frames, etc.

You may only have the standard ones now, but believe me you will start collecting lots of additional items.

I have thousands of tubes and keep them in folders,

then I can add a folder or delete it from psp to save psp cache and working time.

Setting up how PSP works will save you time and frustration.

The first tab is undo/redo

This function sets up how much psp will use and how many steps it will hold in memory..

As you work with PSP you will sometimes do something and not like how it looks.

The undo button will become you friend.
You can just undo the step and try something else.

BEWARE thou.. there are limits and when you reach them psp will autoclose. We will take care of this problem in a few minutes.

For now set it the way mine is. You can change and adjust it later.

Viewing sets up how things are displayed in PSP.

This is an individual thing, so you can pick and choose as you feel.

Remember you can change any of these settings at any time.

Nothing is set in stone and these are just screen prints of my system.

The dialogs and Pallet tab is used to change things like the size of your icons and tool bars, and your color pallet choices.

If you have trouble seeing you can choose larger icons/toolbars.

Beware if you select windows colors, the color pallet will only have windows colors.

This is okay but you will not get the full effect in your graphics.


I have not used the browser settings.

You can just leave these as they are.

As a new user you may want to set all the warnings until you get used to how PSP functions.

You can just click on the select all to have all the warnings pop up when you are working.

As you become more experienced you can come back and uncheck things you know and don't want to be warned about.

Transparency settings

These settings determine how the screen will appear when you are working on a transparent image.

This is another one of those personal choices.

You can click on the size and decide which one you like best.

You can also right click on either of the color squares to change the color.


Displaying rulers and guides can be turned off/on from the view menu at the top of your screen.

In this tab we set up how we want the rulers and guides to appear when we use them

Here I have rulers set at pixels and guides set at inches.

The choice is yours.

You can also change the color of your guide lines depending on the colors in your image.


Use the settings here to determine how many recent images you want displayed when you open.

You might want to leave your clipboard on if you want to take things between PSP and other graphic programs.

You can also turn off the PSP SPLASH screen (the lady's face that loads when you open PSP)

This will just save some time.

We are now finished with the general preference selections. Click on OK button.

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