Tutorial on creating Opaque Backgrounds

Creat a new image. The one below is 200 x 200 and I have placed a tube image in the middle.
Be sure to have lots of blank area around your object so you can make the tile seamless.

Colors - Greyscale (to change image to black and white).

Select area on your image,

note that you must have a large amount of space

all around your image or you will get an error message

If necessary Image add borders set to 50 and sysmetric might help

then do a selection convert to seamless tile.

Psp will do it's thing and create a new image

If you get the cannot create seamless add more borders and try again.

Just save your image and you are done. To view a page with this background click here If you don't like it continue!!

Want the image to be a lot lighter. Then do the following:
Edit undo the convert to seamless tile step above:
In the layer command or palette box, right click on the background layer and then click on promote to layer. The name of the layer will change from background to layer#.

Now you can change the opacity of the layer my moving the slider to the left.

You may need to experiment (the final one I did for this page had the slider at 25.

Then you do the convert to seamless tile thing (Selection the area, selections/convert to seamless tile.

Don't forget to save your new image. I would also save the other image as a psp so you can go back to it and adjust the opacity to suit your page.

now click to see the new page

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