Creating images with animated water Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for PSP and uses the Almathera Puddler Filter. You can get download this filter by clicking here. Once you have installed the filter into your plugins folder you will be ready to begin.

puddler image

We will create a simple water flow effect like the one to the left in this tutorial.
The image was created in only a few moments.

No JAVA or Javascript required.

puddle 1 jpg

Click and save this image to your computer.

Open PSP (any version will work)

lasso the area Use your lasso tool to select the water in the image.

NOTE: Often the puddler will remove color from your water area. To avoid this problem, duplicate the layer, and work on your duplicate layer.
When you are done with all the puddler steps, go to each image and slide the opacity slider on the duplicate layer to around 70-75% and like the color of the water. Then merge the layers and continue with your animation!
Thanks to users who emailed me and let me know this was happening!!

This is the hardest part of the tutorial.

When you have the area selected, then hit shift and D to make three copies of the image.

You will now have 4 images open in psp.

Click on image 1 and go to your plugins, select Almathera, Puddler.

puddler panel

Select Lake from the drop down list.

The only other control you need to use is the scale,

at the bottom of the panel.

Set it at about 26. And click okay.

puddle4 ping

The water in your first image will be rippled.

Select image 2.

Open the puddler filter again.

puddle 5 ping

The only thing you need to do is move the scale up just a tad.

The more you move the scale the faster the water will flow.

puddle 6 ping

Now two images are done. Repeat the process on image 3 and image 4, using the settings below.puddle 7 ping
puddle 9 ping

Now all your images should have rippled water.
puddle 10 ping

Now all you need to do is animate them.
I use animation shop for my animation.
Save your images as image1.psp, image2.psp, image3.psp, image4.psp all in the same folder.
Now on to the animation tutorial.

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to try some more check out my tutorials page.

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