Adding an image to a room with proper perspective Tutorial

This tutorial requires Paint shop Pro and a room image, click on the blue room to the left to download a room psp.
Unzip the file and you will find a psp file of a grey room.
Each wall and the floor and lights are on separate layers.

I easily colorized the room blue using colorization function in PSP. You can also add textures, windows, doors. The room is just a basic psp file for you to use to do this tutorial.
The original zip file got eaten by a computer virus so this room is slightly different from the one used in the original tutorial.
There are some alternate room styles available, created by my friend Krystalmoon. To view her rooms click here.

Open your room image, and all the images that you want to place in the room.

I would suggest that you copy (control+d)each of the images,
so you don't mistakenly resize them and save them.

Select on of the pictures you want to add and resize it 50%.
Go to image and SHARPEN.

You may need to resize and sharpen the image several times.

You want the image to be approximately the size

of the area where you are going to place it.

Go to edit and select copy.

Move to the room image

Go to edit and PASTE AS A NEW LAYER!!!

You will notice in the image to the left that the image does not line up with the perspective of the room.

Now we will use the deformation tool (it looks like a square with a line drawn from the top to center and lies to the left of the crop tool) to reshape the image and put it into perspective with the wall.

You can adjust the size of the image by moving the arrows on the side, top or bottom in or out.

Here we need to change the image height on one end slightly so that the top of the frame is parallel to the top of the wall and the bottom of the frame is parallel to the floor.

To do this hold the control key and mouse over one of the corners and move it out/in to adjust the top and bottom.

When you have the image lined up.
Click on your control pallet box and choose apply.
If you really mess up (and we all do sometimes)
then click on the control pallet box and choose cancel and start over again.

Repeat these steps until you have

all your images placed in your room

and adjusted for perspective.

Now we will create the shadows. Go into the layer pallette and duplicate each of your picture layers.

Then flip each of the duplicate layers.

You will have to play with the perspective of some of your duplicate images.

Use the deformation tool again.

For the duplicate images you will use the little square to the right of center to swivel the duplicate and line it up with the floor line.

On the image to the left I drew in a purple line to illustrate the line you are looking for.

You can add a few plants, chairs or tables to complete your image.

SAVE YOUR IMAGE (I save as a PSP so I can change my pictures later if I want to).

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