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Required Software

Paint Shop Pro, version 5 or above   free 30 day trial download available - click here

Blade Pro Plug In  free 30 day trial download available - click here

Also you should have a little knowledge of how to use Paint Shop Pro. We will be using the selection tool and the flood fill tools and picture tubes. A basic knowledge of these tools will made the tutorial much easier for you to complete.

AFRAID YOU CAN'T DO IT - Here is a comment from my volunteer site tester,
"Thanks for letting me be the volunteer....Now you know that if I can do it, anyone can...LOL..you should put that on the page...If Leigh (amyleesmom) can do it...anyone can...ROFL".
To see Leigh's results Click here. Thanks for volunteering.

Preparation of Tutorial Files

Stained glass graphics can be alot of fun and the results are amazing. It is not difficult if you have the right tools and have them organized so they are easy to access. I have gathered all the tools for this tutorial and placed them in two zip files glass zip and bladepro zip. Make things easy for yourself and create a folder in the blade pro environments folder and call it sgleads and then create a new directory on your computer called stainglass. Unzip the two files put the bladepro zip items in the sgleads folder and the glass zip items in the stainglass folder. There is one psp file in the glass zip, this should be opened in PSP and exported as a picture tube called fire, if you don't already have this tube already.

Preparing the image

candle 1 png

Open the candle.jpg which should be in your stainglass folder.

With background color set to white -Add Border (Image, Add Border) = 2 symetric - this will give you some area around the image and will make selecting easier later on in the tutorial.

candle 2 png

Image, Edge, Find All

Your image will look like the one to the left.

candle 3 png

Colors, Negative

Your image will look like the one to the left.

Preparing to lead the image

candle 4 png

Select the areas that you want to lead (the outline around the entire image and within the image.

Your image should have a moving line of "marching ants" around the lead areas.

Look very carefully at the image and insure that the very tip of the candle flame is now included.

Now expand and feather the selected area.
     Selection, Modify, Expand, 2, okay.

     Selection, Modify, Feather 2.

Still having problems or found an image which needs more work.
Try my leading tutorial.

Leading the Image with Blade Pro
blade 1 png

Open Blade Pro by selecting, Image, Plugin Filters,
FlamingPear, Bladepro,
when the software opens you should see your selected area in window (see blue arrow).
Be sure only your selected area shows and that it is all there.
If you are not sure, you can click on the view size (green arrow).
If the image you see is not the area you want to lead hit cancel and start with preparing your image for leading step. If the image is what you want, then click on the environments presets selection key (red arrow is pointing to it).

blade 2 png

A window will open which shows all the presets in your environments folder click on the sgleads folder and choose pewter. Later you can experiment with other presets for leading.

blade 3 png The software will do it's thing and when the hourglass goes away you should see the areas filled in with pewter lead.
Click on Okay and wait while blade pro applies the preset to your actual image.

candle 6 png

Your image should look like the one on the left. Now we are ready to have fun with the glass samples I included on the zip file. Click here for the next page.

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