Welcome to Pati's PSP Page
Welcome to Pati's PSP Tutorials Page

Have a PSP Tutorial Page, get it listed here. If you want to place a link please send me an email with the url for the link and the page it should go on. Include a one line description of the tutorial. You can be listed on as many pages as you desire. I will start a database with the sites and will add categories to the pages as I get more listing. So if you have tubes (or any other item) for specific items (like holidays, animals, etc) include that in the email. Links will be placed as quickly as possible and the only graphics on these will be the titles on each page.

Pati's PSP Tutorials:

I just got PSP 7 and now what do I do - answering questions I receive from brand new PSP users.

Learning to use PSP Frames Beginners tutorial on using frames in PSP.

Opaque Backgrounds Tutorial   Detailed steps for making opaque backgrounds.

  Etched Glass Window Tutorial         Create an hourglass while learning some basics.

   My Stained Glass Tutorial          A more detailed leading tutorial for the really difficult pictures.

Creating glassed flower images with PPS and Eye Candy 3.          Glassing Images Tutorial. Use Paint Shop Pro, with the bladepro plugin.

Creating a gallery for displaying your image creations.        Slicing an image with PSP7 Image Slicer

   Framing with a glass effect                            Framing your images using PSP 7 effects and dingbats.

Creating decorative text with PSP 7and either Primus or Bladepro plugin.               Making glass text without plugins

Stained Glass Butterfly        Using PSP Frames for Stained Glass

Creating PSP Snowglobes using my  premade globe zip files in PSP 7.

PSP7 Creating Snowglobes using Preset Shapes.        Creating stained glass windows.

   Using Almathera Puddler to Animate Water           Lighthouse Beam Tutorial

The following sites provide great tutorials that are easy to follow.

Embossed Backround Tutorial
Text around a Circle
Vector Text on Object

State of Entropy

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