Creating Stained Glass Windows in Paint Shop Pro 7

finished window image
This tutorial will show you the steps used in creating a stained glass window like the one above. You don't need to be a graphics pro to create the image. All tool boxes will be shown. I learned how to use the draw tool to created swirled lines and images which are the basis for this tutorial. Your image will not look exactly like mine because your swirled lines will be different from mine. Have fun, learn a new technique, and create a beautiful window all at one time.

You will need BladePro, or a similar plugin to bevel the ring and make the glass.

You can download a thirty day trial version of Bladepro if you do not have it.

Near the end of this tutorial you will need a background image for your window. You can use any image that you like. If you don't have a background image try one of these.

new image

Lets get started. Open a new image about 300 x 300 pixels in size with a transparent background.

(click file, then new, input 300 in both horizontal and vertical size boxes,

and select transparent from the drop down selection list).

color one image color style image

Select background and foreground colors that will compliment the background image you have chosen.

Here I used yellow and red. Be sure that the style boxes are set to solid fill.

draw tool point to point lines We will be using the draw tool which is located on the tool pallette and looks like a pencil with a drawn line.

Note: If this toolbar is not visible in paint shop, click on view, select toolbars, and place an x in the box need to tool pallette.

Select point to point from the drop down list and about 8 pixels for the line width.

Be sure that create as vector is not checked, closed path is not checked and antialias is checked.

image with point to point lines

Operating the point to point nodes can take some practice.

Right click in your image, move across the image and right click again, a line will appear,

you can right click again and move to another area,

lines will appear with little black or white boxes at the end of them.

If you pull on the white boxes curves will appear.

Click on a black box and a new line will appear.

This is where your creativity comes in.

Move around, swirl the lines and have some fun.

point to point tool box image

You may get a black box with two lines projecting out of it,

these lines can really be twirled and moved.

Experiment with this tool and when you have several lines

and curves you can quit the node editing

by right clicking and choosing quit node editing in the box that appears

or by hitting control and Q.

results image and kaleidoscope menu
The image here shows how your lines appear after you quit the node editing.

The lines you drew will be the width you selected in pixels in the draw tool box and the foreground color you selected.

The areas between the lines will fill with the background color.

Now we will use the kaleidoscope effect to create our center window area from your lines and swirls.

Select effects from the menu at the top of paint shop pro.

Then move down to reflection effects and choose kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscopte menu box image

The kaleidoscope tool box will open up. (see image to right)

You can change the settings until you get a preview that you like,

be aware that the little screen in the tool box does not show your total image area.

You can click on the eye in the tool box to view the actual effect on your image.

Play with all the boxes until you get a center area that you like (we will be cutting away the outer area so don't worry about how that area looks.

Concentrate on making the center area appealing with open areas for visibility.

Kaleidoscope results image

The image to the left shows the results of my kaleidoscope.

I want to remove the area around the outer edges

selecting kaleidoscope area image

Use the selection tool on your tool pallette, it looks like a dotted rectangle.

Set the tool to circle in the drop down menu.

Place your curser on the very middle of your image and move out until all of the center area is selected.

Notice that there is now a circle of dotted lines around the center area of my image.

The selection within the dotted circle is the area I want to use.

inverted Kaleidoscope area You now need to invert your selection, so that the outer area of your image is selected.

To invert your selection, click on selections at the top of your screen, move down to invert and click.

Now the dotted lines appear around your circle and around the edge of your image.

Use the scissors tool to cut out this area.

clean up lingering pixels image Check your image for any remaining pixels in the outer area.

Use the zoom tool (magnifying glass icon) and zoom in and inspect the outer area for pixels of color.

use the selection tool to select and cut them away with the scissors.

testing for leftover pixels Check you image by using the magic wand tool and clicking in the outer area.

There should be no little areas that are not selected.

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