Welcome to my Bewitched Theme Set Image

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This theme set was created with Paint Shop Pro Version 7.

bullet globeThe font used in this themeset is Caligua. The foreground (stroke) font color used was #B49838 and the background (fill) font color was #EDE89D.

bullet globeBackground was created using a black background with a dark red #C00000 plastic 3 flood fill over it.

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Button and Welcome edges used the same colors as the fonts.

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All backgrounds and graphics on this site are free for personal use. If you are using my graphics for your page, please provide a link back to my site on the page with my graphics. This button can be used for the link to my page. Also, let me know, so I can provide a link to your site as well.

If you like my backgrounds, and use several of them, a small gratuity would be greatly appreciated. I also do custom graphics and web site design, check the rates page for current rates.
You may use any of these backgrounds on a commercial site as long as you send a $10.00 fee to me. Again, contact me for information.
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