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heart shaped bulletText Used in this set is Caligula and the buttons have a font size of 14, text color #825E20 which then had the ewc-textbevel applied in Blade Pro.

octagon shaped bulletBullets were made from tubes which I filled with a linear gradient of two of the lighter gold colors and then applied the stainedglass bladepro preset and added a sparkle tube.

star shaped bulletBackground images were made with gold colors in a linear gradient fill, and then stainglass preset applied and seamless background made from the large area.
home button image mail button image webrings button image

back arrow image blank button image next arrow image

back button image Web Graphics by Pati Link button gif next button image

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Go to JulioMac's Making gold tutorial
Special thanks goes to John Mason, his wonderful collection of gold tubes and his newest "Make Gold Tutorial". These two items were just what I needed to get the inspiration to make this page. Click on the image to go to John's tutorial. Click here for John's Gold Tubes

Download Gold Theme Graphics and basic webpage html for this type page

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